A new semester…

Considering that I’m in the SAME classrooms as previous classes, all I can say is that there are NOT enough plugs for laptops.  The worst one is for my CHAD 170 class, where I have to get there early in order to get a seat next to a plug.  The professor is using the extension cable and that sucks.  It would be nice if the rest of us could use it.  In the most extreme cases, I could invest in a longer-lasting battery so I don’t have to plug in my laptop every time.  It’s just that I feel more secure with my laptop plugged in while I’m in class.

As for how much money I’m spending on course readers ALONE, all I know is that the first one I picked up is 400+ pages and cost me $27.  The reader for CHAD 159 is just as big, and will probably cost just as much.  The last one, for my online class, is unknown, but I’ll have to pick it up ASAP because I have to do reading in it before next week.  I’ve never had a reader filled with so many journal articles, most of which are research, not any information in particular.  I only have one textbook, and 3 novels to read.  One of my professors was changed, and I didn’t even realize it until I checked the class listing on the wall outside my department.  I was really hoping it was the previous professor, but I think I’ll be okay with the new one.  I’ll be joining my department’s club so I can be in their private graduation instead of the school-wide graduation.  I didn’t think it could cost that much to be in a club just to walk in the graduation.  *sigh*

It looks like a good semester so far, and I feel that I am on top of things (for now), but I know that the work will continue to pile on because that’s how teachers are at this point.  Not to mention I have to figure out a classroom that I can do my fieldwork for, and when I went to visit the elementary school, the principal wasn’t even there!  Even at the middle school, the principal was there AND she talked to me about the arrangements.  I may end up doing my observation/field work at the middle school since it’s so much easier to get into a classroom.  However, since I am focused on elementary school, I don’t have much of a choice.  I’ll have to email the principal (as lame as that sounds) and tell her about the stuff I need to do.

I printed out all the handouts that are online so far, and that took a lot of paper.  Since I’m using my dad’s printer (I’m not connected to a printer), it’s easier to do everything one-sided, although I’m used to printing on both sides to save paper.  I just save everything to my jump drive and just print it.  Sure, it’s extra work printing from another computer, but a) it’s faster, b) it’s in black and white, and c) it just works out better.

It’s also the end of the month, so I won’t write again until February.  Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on January 30, 2007.

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