The day before Christmas…

And I’m absolutely broke with no presents for anyone.  I’m not getting my paycheck until almost next year.  I know, it’s sad, but at least I managed to get something for my sister and my relatives from Texas.  I got it at half off because my boss wanted to get rid of things he had too many of.  So, I took two games off his hands and paid less than $30 total.  What a great deal, especially the day before Christmas.  In the meantime, I’ve been working, counting inventory before the end of the year.  At least I’m more familiar with the stuff around the store, except I still don’t know a good portion of the role playing games.  I’m really trying to push the games I enjoy, and even though my boss loves the board games, it’s really not my style, for some reason.

School is out, and I’m enjoying the home life.  Sure, gas is expensive and I would rather be out and about than stay at home.  I have another month before I go back to school, and another month before I take that crazy CSET test so I can apply to credential programs.  Of course, I wouldn’t be worrying about credential stuff if I got it done over the summer, but I spent it abroad in China.  It was a waste of my time when I knew I was going to be graduating.  I can’t put off graduate school for year or I’ll never find a job or anything at all.

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and I’m bumming around at home, being online because there’s nothing on TV.  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas.

See ya guys next year!


~ by twilightmelfina on December 24, 2006.

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