Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break, was, well, too short. High schools got a week off. College students should get that too, but then San Jose gets an entire month off for winter break, in comparison to high schools, who only get two weeks. It was a bit strange going home early (as I had to drive in very bad traffic), but I managed to get home without any problems. I had to drive around the school to find a parking spot closer to my apartment so I could starting loading my car with all the stuff I wanted to take home. However, that stuff is still in my car, as I didn’t unpack my car when I got home.

I slept in on Thanksgiving. I haven’t slept in until noon since a long time ago, and while there was so much noise in the house (nothing in sound-proof in this house), I still managed to get some extra sleep – somehow. I took my time in getting things done, and didn’t bother to get a shower until we were about to leave (I know, I really took my time).

If you read my previous entry, Thanksgiving dinner was great. It was at my sister’s house (which is my old house in San Francisco). So much stuff was remodeled because many things were trashed or just had to be fixed. It looks much nicer now, although I miss the fact that it used to be a yellow house (now it’s a greenish color).

For the rest of the weekend, I was working and not getting enough sleep. The new Starship Battles came out on Friday, and well, in my honest opinion, Wizards of the Coast bombed on another game. Their Star Wars miniatures game is extremely popular and easy to play, but even though Starship Battles is still the d20 system, the game is now in space so there are many new rules and new stat cards. The packaging is HORRIBLE. You have to RIP the box open just to get out the models. And, the starter box isn’t a nice storage case like it was for the Revenge of the Sith starter. Sure, boosters would open during shipment, but it doesn’t mean you make the new packaging child-proof. However, once you get the rules down, the game is pretty good, and there are ships used across the Star Wars Universe. Sadly, I’m only of those pathetic people who don’t recognize most of the ships (except for the X-Wings and the Tie Fighters). I need to watch the movies again (marathon!). I totally make fun of the ships – the Mon Calamari ships are spotted fish (calamari are SQUID), and the Imperial Starships are pointy arrows because they look like arrows. I doubt there will be any expansions because they already used all the ships from the movies and the only space vehicle they didn’t make was the Death Star. Technically, it’s not really a vehicle; it’s a battleship.

The World of Warcraft (WoW) TCG tournament was lame. Only 3 people showed up to play. We told people who bought starters or boosters that there would be a tournament, but I think they were only interested in finding the loot cards that can enhance characters in the actual online game. The ratio of finding those loot cards are so bad, so a lot of money has to be spent just to find them. However, the game was made quite well (for the same company that makes Yu-Gi-Oh) and has a lot of Magic: The Gathering components that makes learning the game a lot easier.

The Starship Battles tournament went well, as winning the game was based mostly on luck of the dice Rolling a 20 was not a “true” critical hit; you only add +1 to the damage, not like in ground units, if you roll a 20, it doubles the damage.

Sales were through the roof for all 3 days, so I’m glad. Well, I should get back to paying attention to the presentations in class.

Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on November 27, 2006.

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