Game on!

I’m still trying to get over the shock that I’m actually getting back into Dungeons & Dragons after my ex-boyfriend left me with a bad experience. Sure, I had my boyfriend Ryan make my character, but considering how well he knows me, I let him change my character as need be because we were unable to finish it in one sitting. I did all the lousy-ass rolls, which I blamed on the dice I got from my work. I told my boss that I got bad rolls for my character because I got the dice at cost instead of paying full price. My reason? Buying at cost or buying from the “unloved colors” selection means the dice usually have lousy rolls. I mean, I have a d20 that WON’T stop rolling, even on a flat surface. Basically, the d20’s corners are so worn off (from what, I don’t know because I never used them) that when rolled, it keeps going. Anyway, I’m going to be playing in a Halloween game as a human duskblade from the PHBII. I chose to be an offensive fighter with a few defense spells to back me up because defensive fighters are for chickens. My alignment is neutral evil, which means I’m only out for myself. The problem I had with D&D in the past is that it was played online with dice bots and complete strangers, many of which argued over the rules. The Dungeon Master (DM) is always right, and you should always have a copy of every book that you used to make your character so you can back up what you’re doing in the game. I still remember when 3.5 came out and many people that I had played with didn’t like it. I didn’t know the difference between the 3.0 and 3.5 editions except that there were corrections and new rules, which is usually what happens with new editions and new books. However, I do give credit to my experience (although as negative as it was) because I now know the basics and can watch a game (when I work) and actually understand what is going on. Even though I’m still considered a beginner, at least it wasn’t as bad as the time when I told someone on the phone to bring their PHB (Player’s Handbook, CORE Rulebook I) to the game, and they had to ask me what a PHB was. I almost dropped the phone. That time, it was truly a beginner’s game, but some of the players had no idea what their characters were capable of…including one guy who I felt had a learning disability and was kind of slow. Damn, he was picky and wanted to trade a D&D mini for another one because it suited his character better. HELLO, just borrow one for now and buy it later! So, I’m getting back into the game after all my friends at the store (you know who you are) continue to play, and I know I’ll always been surrounded by friends when I play. Also, my boyfriend Ryan deserves a lot of the credit because he helped me understand so many things that my ex never explained to me. I’ll be rolling his dice because I don’t trust my dice. I -could- buy my own, but I’m going to save money. =) The game is this Saturday, so I’ll write all about my experience (and put up pictures; I’ll have my boss take photos).

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~ by twilightmelfina on October 23, 2006.

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