I had a great weekend with my boyfriend and then this: a not-so-stellar grade on my Monday/Wednesday morning child development class. My professor is a great teacher (she’s also my undergraduate advisor), but it would be nice if she used a different lecture format like PowerPoint, rather than taking it straight from the textbook. Sure, I can keep up with taking notes because I type faster than I write, but even if I do the entire study guide, I still can’t get a decent grade on an exam. Sure, I did the study guide the night before, but I knew the information – somehow. Thankfully, these exams are not worth that much (although they are still points towards my grade), and I can always learn from this exam and do better on the next one.

And I thought my English class would be the hardest, but for the first exam, I did better than I thought I did. I think it’s because of the textbook exercises we have to do in order to learn the chapter, not just listening to someone talk about the chapter during class. It’s just the structure of the English class is much better than this child development one. So, it looks like this class will be just as difficult as my English one, although at this point, my English class might actually be easier, surprisingly.

My goal this semester is to do better than I did in previous semesters at San Jose, since this year’s grades will reflect on what schools I can get into for my credential program and my master’s degree. My first pick is San Francisco State because many of my past teachers went to SF State for their credential programs. I can also do my master’s degree at SF State and still stay at home, commuting on Bart and saving a lot of money. There is a shuttle that goes from the Daly City Bart Station to the SF State campus, and there’s a mall across the street from the school.

As for this weekend, I spent it with my boyfriend and had a lot of fun. I spent a morning at his work to keep him company, and entertained myself by playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on my DS Lite. I’m glad I stayed with him at his work or I would have been totally bored being at home. We played Warmachine on Saturday and it turned out really well. I don’t have my models done (they need to be primed and painted), but I can use them in combat if necessary. I can’t wait to start painting because I can use it to work on my patience, which is something I don’t have much of and need to work on. It’s a hobby that takes a lot of time and patience, and I’m glad it’s a tactical game in which I can learn strategy and patience while working on the models. I’m glad I get to play this game with my boyfriend; he’s playing Khador while I’m playing Cygnar. I could go on forever about our individual teams, but visit to see what the game is all about.

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on October 2, 2006.

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