Another update…

With the semester in full gear, the course work is starting to pile up. There is no time to be procrastinating because the work needs to be done. I’ve been slow on the reading (it’s not that interesting), but I have been staying on top of the assignments.

Other news:

My boss just made me the assistant organizer of his other group that lists all the Dungeons & Dragons related events at the store. I’m excited about taking on more responsibilities, but I feel that if he was planning on doing something like this, the issue should have been discussed first. However, the decision has been made, and I probably have the power of an assistant manager when it comes to the responsibilities I have been given since I started working in November. The thing is, I’m not power-hungry, not like other people I know in the retail business, who constantly want to go up the corporate ladder. As the first person he hired that does just about everything, I consider myself like an assistant manager. I’ve suggested that my boss hire someone new (just in case I can’t work; this new person would be my backup), but when he asked me if I wanted to share my hours, I told him that I wouldn’t share my hours. Problem solved. =)

Other things I have been thinking about:

Yahoo email vs. Google email.
I’ve had my Yahoo email for as long as I can remember. Pokemon has been in the US for 10 years. I use a Pokemon name in my email address. If I’m right, there is a possibility that I’ve had this email address since I’ve known about Pokemon (which was back in 1996), regardless of my graduation year at the end. That being said, I don’t know if I want to switch over to the Google email. Yahoo has always been my home base, and I use the features that best suit the kind of person I am. I have professors who use Yahoo groups to post lecture notes and organizations use the groups to let members know what is going on, as well as many other purposes. I keep a copy of my most recent resume on Yahoo briefcase. I use the calendar feature to keep track of the events at my work. If I move to Google, I lose most of the organization I established over 5 years ago. However, I plan on having a Google email address, just in case. That means I should erase all the other email addresses I don’t use…


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