An update about school

Well, school started, and the stampede and foot traffic of students fills the campus. Recruitment tables for fraternities, sororities, and even the Marine Corps are all around, trying to find new members for the semester. It seems like the campus becomes more crowded every year because Campus Village can hold many more people, more than the old brick buildings or the high rise of Joe West together. Lots of clueless people around, not knowing where their classes are, but even for someone like me, I know where buildings are, but it takes me a moment to actually figure out which hallway my classroom is in because I’ve been away all summer. I still have one class to go – my yoga class, which is on Monday afternoons. I’m not too thrilled about have two classes that are once a week, but I didn’t have much a choice. I have to walk farther to get to my classes, when I used to just run down the stairs and across the street. Well, that the sacrifice I made when I chose to live in Campus Village, not to mention where I used to live now only houses freshmen. Damn freshmen. I’m still thinking whether I should have lived in the old buildings because I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning or food, and I would always be able to find someone to hang out with (or bother).  Food is an issue for me because I continue to eat garbage, although I’m still trying to settle into a school routine. It’s my first time being on my own, so I need time to adjust, and one week isn’t going to do it for me just yet. I like the peace and quiet, although I should have lived on a higher floor away from the front door and the generator. Oh well. I can finally get things done without being bothered, although a little distraction keeps the mind from falling apart.

Anyway, now I get to talk about my classes – and my professors. Besides the one professor who wants class to start ON TIME, all the other ones seem okay. I thought it was strange to see my undergraduate advisor wearing stiletto boots to class, considering that she’s at least in her 40s or 50s. No teacher in higher education wears shoes like that, unless you’re a nutcase. But she’s cool, and I’m hoping her lecture style isn’t straight from the book because I’ll actually have to read the chapters before class. I have ANOTHER pregnant professor, whose due date is conveniently towards the end of the semester. But from what I’m seeing, she’s using PowerPoint for her lectures, and that’s great because it’s easier for people to follow and take notes. The only problem with the classroom layout is that the plugs are REALLY FAR AWAY and I might have to use an extension cord just to plug in my laptop. My environmental studies class is alright, since we have no exams, two projects, and little things here and there. The only thing I’m worried about is the lesson plan, since I suck at writing those. The one class I feel I’m going to have the most trouble with is my English class. It’s all about grammar and technical stuff, of which I have absolutely no clue about. It’s the one class I have to stay on top of because falling behind is NOT an option. I’m already making flashcards for the Greek and Latin roots found in the reader because the professor wants us to memorize this kind of stuff, or something like that. It’ll help me during exams when I have to know what words mean and examples or derivatives of them. It’s eight pages (back and front), but I’m mostly done with the first page (I’m on the back). My class with the pregnant professor looks like fun because we get to make this cool license plate thing that portrays the kind of person we are. I’m totally taking half the paper she gave us to put a logo of my store on it because I spend so much time there AND I love games. I’d glue on some dice, but I think I’ll find some clip art instead. My professor already emailed us about our first assignment and I’m going to get started on it as soon as I can.

I don’t want to be an overachiever this semester, but I have to stay on top of the things that need to be done. Panhellenic recruitment is conveniently scheduled during my trip to San Diego, but even with my GPA, I wouldn’t make it anywhere anyway. It’s mostly for entertainment, but I’ll take my chances in the spring, depending on how well I do this semester.

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on August 25, 2006.

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