A new semester

Well, it is officially a week before school starts.  I spent my summer away from everything familiar to me, and soon I’ll have to adjust to even new more things.   I’ll be living on my own, for the first time.  I won’t be able to hear my neighbor next door; it will finally be quiet.  I haven’t learned how to cook, but I’m sure I’ll figure things out.  I’ll have to clean my own place, but when you’ve worked in fast food, cleaning a public bathroom can be NASTY.  Thankfully, this is my own bathroom, so it shouldn’t be that bad.  I just ordered my books – all 13 of them, and that cost me quite a bit.  Thank god I don’t pay for that credit card; my parents do.  I got a parking permit, which took a lovely $271 out of my paycheck.  My parents paid for parking in the Campus Village garage, but I couldn’t get a spot because it’s a limited number of parking spots for a HUGE housing unit.  So, now I’m on the waiting list, and hopefully someone will cancel and I’ll move up on the list.  However, it’s cheaper to park at 7th street, although the garage is notorious for hit-and-run accidents, and if ANYONE dings my car, I’ll be on their case so fast they won’t even know what hit them.  I don’t have much of choice of where to park because the money for the other garage wasn’t sent until almost the end of July, so anyone who wanted a spot would have paid when they picked out their rooms for the coming semester.  I don’t know why I didn’t ask for money earlier; I wouldn’t be walking so far if I was in the Campus Village garage.  *sigh*  I told Housing to hold onto all my stuff, so hopefully I’ll get a spot for the spring semester.  There was no possible way I was going to get a year permit for the 7th street garage; that’s more money than I want to spend, and more money than I have in the bank (I’m trying to save).  I’m going to be staying at school after work on Sunday, so I’ll have 2 days to settle in and unpack everything before officially starting classes.  Now I have to walk really far to Sweeney Hall instead of just going down some stairs.  *sigh*  I’m graduating next spring, so I shouldn’t be complaining so much.  I’d post my schedule, but I don’t need strangers knowing about my life.

Well, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on August 16, 2006.

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