Back to school shopping

I think I’m going back to my Hello Kitty phase because I’m finding all this stuff I want to get for school. It’s been awhile before I’ve used Hello Kitty stuff for school, but I don’t really care. I grew up with HK, and nothing is going to stop me. For starters, I want to get a white board that I can put in my room for all my reminders and stuff. It’s too big to hang on a wall, so I’ll probably have it leaning against the wall next to the desk. Then I found a portable coffee mug, but I can get those anywhere; however, I don’t drink that much coffee anyway. I can always get that another time. The next thing I want to get is a case for my laptop so I don’t have to keep bringing such a huge backpack to class. It’s a Hello Kitty padded sleeve that I can just carry to class and just have my charger in my mini North Face backpack that I bought in China. The last thing I’m debating is whether I want to get an actual planner rather than a palm pilot. I haven’t used a HK planner in YEARS, but it’s so much cheaper than a PDA, and I can get refills without paying much. Although I’ll have to fill the calendar myself, I won’t have to figure out when I’ll be online to check my schedule when it will always be with me. The refill pages won’t match the character of the planner, but I don’t really care. The garbage can is nice, but I can always get one from Target.

Since I’ll have my own apartment this year, I’ll have to bring household items and take charge of my independence. I haven’t figured out how to cook yet, but I’m not afraid to figure it out on my own, as long as I don’t burn anything down. Most of the things I need to bring I can take from home, but Target will be the main place I go to for other supplies.

And since I just got back from my trip, I’ve unpacked most of my stuff, but I have to clean out my backpack (which is filled with a lot of crap), do lots of laundry, put away clean laundry, and pack up again. I check in this coming Saturday, and will probably move in most of my stuff before school starts, and bringing the rest of it the next time I go back to school. I have to work Labor Day, then somehow get back to school without falling asleep. Now I wish the drive to San Jose wasn’t so far.

The jet lag isn’t that bad right now, but it’s going to hurt later on when I get stressed out over school. But, as long as I get enough sleep, I should be okay. Hopefully the effects will be gone by the time school starts.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on August 7, 2006.

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