I’m finally home

If you’re wondering why I couldn’t write in this journal during my abroad program, it’s because I couldn’t access the WordPress server while in China; their firewall kept me out and prevented me from keeping people updated like I wanted to. Instead, I used Xanga to keep people updated, although I started neglecting updates because I had nothing interesting to say. I really thought I would be able to post photos and write about everything going on, but the other journal I had was also on the WordPress server. I will probably end up deleting the other journal because there’s no point in having an itinerary online when the program is already over.

I have a lot to say about the program, probably more than any other person because I’ve been to China multiple times and was expecting a lot more than what the program was able to provide. I would have had a lot more fun if I didn’t spent most of my time just bumming around because we were never advised on what we could do during our free time. I usually don’t have eating problems when I travel, but my stomach chose to disagree with just about everything I ate in Beijing, except for the duck. It was better in Shanghai, since the food wasn’t as oily and I wasn’t seeing my reflection in the plate. I don’t miss China one bit, and I’m glad that I won’t be returning for awhile.

And now that I’m home, I can finally resume updating this journal with the things going on in my life, probably with some pictures from China should that topic ever come up. I was very deprived of gaming while in China, since all I had was my DS and nothing else. I couldn’t finish the second puzzle in Sudoku, which is really pathetic because it really tested my patience and my ability to think outside the box. I also had to leave my PHB2 at home since it weighed my backpack down too much, so I had nothing to read. =( And after knowing about Magic: The Gathering for many years, I finally learned how to play, although I’m a little slow and are unsure about some of the cards’ text. I also picked up a deck of my own, from the Ravnica block, called Rakdos Bloodsport, which is a Dissension deck.

Anyway, I think I’ve written enough here since I’ve returned, so I’ll write again another time.


~ by twilightmelfina on August 6, 2006.

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