Another update, among other things…

Today, it will be a week before I leave.  I hope to update on this blog as well as the one that is focused just on the trip, but there is no guarantee.  But for all my readers, here is a link to my China trip blog:  I cannot guarantee that it will be updated every day, but I will try my best to do that.  My boss is in denial about me leaving for the month because it's the busiest time of the year (besides Christmas), and I'm not there to help/keep him company.  I think it's because he's starting to realize how useful I am, and the fact that I can be there when he needs me to be there.  I enjoy my job, but I do need to learn more about the stuff the store carries because not knowing about a product prevents me from being able to sell it.  With the hot weather setting in (today is the first day of summer), more kids are going swimming than stopping by.  I would go swimming if my high school's pool was free.  I don't want to pay for a pool that my school never had (until my senior year), so I should be able to swim for free.  Besides, I doubt that money actually goes towards pool maintenance. 

Anyway, I'm debating about the whole Mac vs. PC thing again.  Now that Mac can run Windows, I'm wondering if my creativity has been living under a rock because I haven't been able to use all those cool programs on a Mac.  My life is so structured, almost like a PC, with no creativity whatsoever.  Because of Apple's improvements in the last 20 or so years, it makes me wonder if I should return to my roots of being a Mac user, since an Apple IIC was my first computer (until my parents gave it away to my cousins who probably abused the poor thing).  Sure, the whole one click thing is Apple's major flaw, but I'm sure anyone who has made the switch has adjusted to it.  I may have wanted a tablet PC, but in the end, if I'm going to be doing anything creative for my future students, I really should get a Mac.  Not to mention, their calendar program is OFFLINE, so I can make whatever changes necessary without the internet.    

I think I'm sick.  I've been trying to enjoy my last few days before I leave and I'm stressing over nothing, giving me a sore throat.  I haven't even started packing yet, but I'm still expected to do everything around the house.  I can't even watch TV without getting bothered.  It's frustrating, I know.  Not to mention I have to go to the airport by myself because no one wants to say goodbye before I leave.  It's pathetic.  And this weather…it's only going to get worse when I leave this country and arrive in another.  I wish I could bring an outfit for every day, but I know that's impossible.  I can't even find my Megaman shoulder bag, which I want to bring on the field trips so I don't have to bring my backpack that's nothing but empty space.  I know I shouldn't be doing things last minute (especially on a trip like this), but I'll feel more relaxed when I can sit down and do things at my own speed.     


~ by twilightmelfina on June 23, 2006.

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