Learning to make an entry with photos

Here I am trying to figure out how to post with pictures that when you click on them, they go to their regular size.  I've figured that part out, but it looks like I can't do any of that cool formatting of having the text on a particular side and stuff like that.  Oh well.  As long as the original picture can be seen, I'm not worried.  This is what my blog will look like when I'm in China, in the same format.  I'll be uploading A LOT of photos.  Hopefully I'll have a description for every single one. 


I am practicing adding photos to my entries because this is how I want to post during my trip.  Here we are standing at the door trying to look cool.


This is me and my boyfriend at his cousin's wedding.


We are a bunch of gamers.

This is just a test, but I'll leave it up because it looks cute.


~ by twilightmelfina on June 18, 2006.

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