Politics and the like

I didn't vote yesterday.  I know, I should have because it is part of my duty of being an American citizen.  I think the last time I voted was in the 2000 Presidential election.  I know my vote counts because it can change the way things are in particular areas, but it's not the end of the world if I don't vote.  I just don't like politics very much, so I avoid dealing with anything that regards it.  My senior government class required students to work with campaigning congress people and it was the lamest project I ever did.  A waste of my time and energy and I learned absolutely nothing.  I deal with politics the same way I deal with religion – I don't let it get involved in my life – at all.  Both of them are a hassle to deal with it, and the two reasons why people in the world don't get along – each religion's beliefs conflict with another, and the main political parties' platforms always conflict.  To get involved only makes it worse.  And the best thing is, I haven't been asked to do jury duty in YEARS!  That's probably because I fell asleep the one time I was there and was hardly able to answer the judge's questions because I wasn't all there.  But the court system was so cheap – they didn't pay me enough to even fill up my gas tank.  And there's no way I could have been on jury duty anyway – I'm in school and can't skip classes for a position that someone else can always fill in. 

Anyway, I thought I had a lot to write about, but I guess I don't.  Until next time then…


~ by twilightmelfina on June 7, 2006.

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