Juicy gossip

While at work today, I got some juicy gossip from the lady who does all the Ebay stuff for the store.  Some of it is quite disturbing, but nonetheless worth sharing with everyone else!  I could care less if my high school was exposed; it has enough problems as it is.  I'm not going to use names, but I am going to be as descriptive as possible.

First, the lady told me that the current band director sucks DIRT.  Marching band has gotten so bad that no one wants to join anymore.  That is NOT a good thing.  Most music teachers in high schools don't have experience in marching band, which is why they should take the class at San Jose State (held by the MB director there, who is FABULOUS) to learn how to do shows and all that other cool stuff.  Sure, he may have taken the band to new competitions, but in reality, he shouldn't have because we don't have the skills nor the experience for it.  We can survive in the competitions we are familiar with, such as Foothill Band Review and Tournament of Champions hosted by Fairfield High School.  Sure, we don't place very high or we don't place at all, but we know how those competitions work.  Apparently, this current director's last high school went to these other competitions, and he thought my high school could make it there too.  WRONG.  I don't think we ever won anything, or it would have been posted on the band's website.  And to go on CRUISE…I wonder how much fundraising had to be done just for the small group that went.

Other news I heard is that the previous director, the one I had during my senior year, followed a student to Fresno State because they were involved.  That is DISTURBING because I was, at most, 6 years younger than the director, and this girl was only a sophomore when I graduated (I think).  That's really gross.  I would NEVER date a teacher; my relationship with students would be strictly professional. 

Other things I've always known about my high school is the principal's incredible wealth.  It was always rumored that her husband owned a confectionery place and made high-end truffles.  She drove a Mercedes (M class), a corvette, and possibly a Ferrari, but I don't think she'd bring a $150,000+ car to work.  One history teacher is a lesbian (or so we think she is), and my history teacher scared the crap out of us because he'd fall asleep during lecture, then wake up and start talking again. 

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on May 31, 2006.

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