Of bad restaurant service.  Today, Ryan and I went to Mimi's Cafe in Concord – a relatively nice restaurant with -supposedly- good service, but when we paid for our bill, she NEVER came back with the change.  In a formal restaurant situation like this, the customer is ALWAYS first, and you always give change.  Never assume that since what they paid is so close to the total amount, that it means the change is your tip.  WRONG!!!!!  I can't believe this girl was so selfish, thinking more about how much money she could get out of us instead of providing the best service possible.  And the restaurant wasn't even that busy, which means she could have paid more attention to us.  I've had better service at a Dennys, which is very embarrassing.  Both Ryan and I have been in food service, particularly fast food, so we're not allowed to take tips (although I wish we could), so we know that customer satisfaction is top priority.  We ended up leaving her a tip, but only a dollar because she would make such a selfish assumption.  I really hope she learned her lesson because she could have been fired or written up for her behavior if we had talked to her supervisor or manager.  In all my years of eating out in a formal setting, I think this is the first time I've met such a selfish server.  I don't want to experience this again, but if this girl learned something, she won't do it again.  I've been to Chinese restaurants where it takes a moment to get the change back because the check just sits by the register and everyone is doing something, so we have to wait until someone gets around to it.  So, my parents have me bring the money up and wait for it; it works faster and I don't have to worry about cheap servers.

Oh, and I got a pay raise.  I think it's because of the good business we had over Memorial Weekend, which I think is rare because a game store is the last place I'd shop at during a major holiday, but to each his own.  6 people called to ask if we were open, but I don't think even half stopped by.  That makes me sad.  Oh well.  Not my problem anyway.  I like my job, and for my first time at retail, it's something I enjoy because I like to play games and learn strategy.  I may not be the best player (I often lose), but it gives me a chance to relax and be competetive in a harmless environment.  Some kids stopped by asking if we do Yu-Gi-Oh, but at their age, it's hard to believe that they still play.  Even though cards keep coming out, the popularity isn't going up.  And it's mostly kids who play, and my boss doesn't want hella 9-year-olds running around in the store.  I wouldn't mind working those days.  *gRiN*  I like kids, and it's how I learn to deal with them – I follow the trends of what they like and use it to my advantage. 


Anyway, until next time…



~ by twilightmelfina on May 30, 2006.

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