Memorial Weekend

I'm working on Memorial Day, which is today.  I don't mind working because then I get more money, in which I'll end up spending anyway.  I don't know why my store is open on a holiday, but I'm not going to bother asking.  It's the least of my problems.

Anyway, someone yesterday bought hella dice – apparently it was for a friend's birthday and he bought all the brushed steel/copper/bronze metal dice, which are $15 each.  Those are really nice dice, but you can't really use them for gaming because they're so heavy and everything. But they look nice on display. =) 

It's weird not getting up so early anymore, but it's even harder to sleep in, which means I crawl out of bed either before my alarm goes off or afterwards.  Or I wake up to check the time and it's 10 minutes or so before my alarm goes off.  I have strange sleeping habits.  It's also harder for me to stay up, mostly because I don't have a reason (like a final the next morning that I'm studying for). 

Since it's summer break, I try to keep my life relatively simple and stress-free, which is probably why I would rather be at work then at the daycare.  I love kids, but I'm not in the mood this summer.  Even with the really nice weather (not too hot and not raining), I would rather be inside because then I am not so congested.  There is a VERY high pollen count this year because of the strange weather, and it is recommended that medication should be taken at least 30 minutes before going outside to allow the medication to do its job. 

People have been calling the store asking if we're open today.  5 people have called so far, but I don't blame them.  Since it is a holiday, you can assume that some specialty stores will be closed. 

I missed Fanime in San Jose again this year, but since I'll have my apartment studio until the end of the month (next May), I can have people crash at my place while having fun at the convention.  Hopefully, we can get a group together for next year's convention.   

Anyway, until next time…    


~ by twilightmelfina on May 29, 2006.

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