Horoscope for May 22, 2006

You may feel a tendency to do things the same old way today, simply because it is what feels more comfortable.  Even though the familiar route may be quite tempting at this time, it is actually better if you seek out a totally different way to go.  Things may feel chaotic today, especially in the morning and early afternoon.  Still, don't automatically resist things that are new and different. 

I've always had a consistent schedule, especially for school, or I lose control of the way I do things.  But when I try to do something different, it always reverts back to how things were before.  I know change is a good thing, and I always try to incorporate it into my life, but the consistency seems to have control of how I do everything.  However, things are different if I spend time with other people, not just with my boyfriend.  We've tried to do things differently, but we always somehow manage to go to the places we always go to, even if it is out of our way.  But then we're broke college students, so consistency is the best way to save money because we know how much we are spending when we do certain activities.  It costs money to do anything new, and with gas prices costing an arm and a leg, we can only travel so far without wasting more gas.  Now I wish I had a hybrid or a small sedan so I don't waste as much gas driving everywhere.  *sigh*

I like consistency – it keeps my life under control.  And it's how I deal with my life – consistency, doing everything in the order that works best, in the way I've always known how to do it.  It feels weird when teachers cancel their classes because of reasons out of their control (like being sick), and even though being in class isn't my favorite thing to do, being there keeps me from going crazy because it is part of my consistent schedule. 

Anyway, until next time… 


~ by twilightmelfina on May 21, 2006.

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