I’m done with finals!!!


I'm finally done with 5 exams in the span of three days, with no coffee. Maybe that was a good things because I saved money. Now I can go sell my books back and see how much I get ripped off. But then I got an email from Robert's Bookstore that gives a 10% bonus on all books sold back, so I'm hoping for something extra. *gRiN*

It's been a good semester and a good year – a room to myself, two beds, a lot more space – well, a lot more space means I'm more of a slob. I met some cool, interesting people, including some locals. To the locals – we rock, because we're from the 925 where the drivers are friendlier, the food is better, and the air is cleaner – well, maybe not cleaner because I have worse allergies at home. To all the new people I met – thanks for being new friends; I'm sure we'll keep in touch – somehow. To the people I know from Joe West – too bad I won't be living there next year, but the 8th floor brings back fond memories. To my years of living at Hoover Hall – if and when you do come down for construction, I'll definitely have to take a brick home with me. Thanks for being my home for three solid years. I leave Hoover Hall behind as I finish my last year of college in Campus Village.

For all the weird/strange people I saw…yeah, they were strange and very weird. For the neighbor I never knew and hardly ever saw – I could hear your music through the wall. For people who I thought were cool in the beginning but turned out to be just plain full of themselves later on (oh wait, that's just one person) – it's no wonder no one spent time with you – you always had an angry vibe around you. Not my problem.

For my classes – WIFI is now my new best friend at school, and the only way I could stay awake in class. For the times it didn't work, maybe that was a good thing, and for the HELLA RUDE PEOPLE IN MY AJ 136 class who would type on MySpace/Facebook when I KNOW they are not taking notes…damn, I can still hear your laptop's keys clacking in my head. There was no wireless router in my CHAD 163 class; I'm wondering if they forgot to put one in the classroom.   NUFS 114 was interesting, if I wasn't think about food all the time.  All my CHAD classes were talking about the same thing…that's probably a good thing because that means less information I needed to memorize because each class taught a variation of the same topic.

For the rest of you who STILL have finals, good luck. 


~ by twilightmelfina on May 19, 2006.

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