My dorm is a biological war zone!

My dorm at school is literally a biological war zone.  Everyone is apparently coming down with the stomach flu, and I don’t know if I have yet or not.  I probably do, but it’s such a mild case that it’s not bothering me as much as other people.  But it’s my 3rd time living in this building, and I’ve lived on every floor, so whatever floating bacteria/virus are in the area, I’ve probably been exposed to it at some point of living here.  It’s never gotten this bad, but it’s the main problem of college dorms – sickness travels from person to person, and the bacteria/virus mutates with each new host, and by the time they visit the health center, it’s even harder to diagnose and supply medication for because the bug is so far advanced from when it first began.  And it’s hitting so close to finals and the end of school, so this is definitely not a good thing.  Anyone I know who is sick, I’ve advised them to drink lots of liquids (water/Gatorade) and get lots of rest.  And for those who are NOT sick, I doubt there’s a way to avoid it because people are always hanging out together, making it easier for the bug to jump from person to person.  I just hope everyone who is sick gets better, so maybe when I went home this past weekend, I avoided the major infection.

My allergies are consistently acting up because the pollen count is so high this year, and my medication isn’t used to combating so much crap in the air.  Usually, my symptoms are mild, but this year, I even have itchy and runny eyes, which hardly ever happens.  So many damn flowers and trees everywhere!  The effectiveness of my prescription is on and off, so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  But I did read that it is recommended to take my medication at least 30 minutes before I go out, so I usually take it after I get up and before I take a shower so the meds have at least 45 minutes to get into my system and actually work!  The strange weather the area has been having is the reason for my out-of-control allergies – rain late in the season, and funky warm weather at odd intervals.  It’s even worse at home because there are trees and flowers everywhere!  It’s not as bad in San Jose because it’s a city, but being at home in a residential area where all the homes have huge yards with plants and other crap.

As for other things, my dad got a new laptop, so I’m using it at school, but it’s so small that I have trouble typing in class.  I guess I’ll have to practice typing on a smaller keyboard, since I’m so used to spreading out my fingers when I type.  Not to mention I don’t have much of a place to rest my wrists when I type, so I’m starting to get cramps.  At least I don’t have to type that much in my classes or I would fall behind on notes.  It’s also half the weight of the laptop I used to have, so my backpack is a lot lighter.  Even though it’s a slower processor, the computer is much faster because it’s brand new and there’s not a lot of crap to slow it down – yet.  I hope not to slow it down because then it shows I’m not taking very good care of the computer.

Finals are coming up…I have 5 finals in a span of 3 days, then I get to go home!  One of my professors offered her final a week early, so I get to go home before a lot of people.  It’s hard to believe that school is ending so soon, but if the abroad program is a go, I’ll be doing more schooling over the summer.  However, if the abroad program is canceled, I’ll have to find ways to be productive with my time, either at work or at the daycare.  I’d take summer classes, but community college classes don’t help since I have nothing to transfer and it will be too late to sign up for summer classes at San Jose.  Either way, I should prepare myself for the summer so I stay on track with everything I want to do.

Anyway, until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on May 8, 2006.

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