A new month…

Am I that much a phone hog?  In the span of less than 4 months (it will be officially 4 months tomorrow), I've made/received/missed 1502 calls and have 261 hours and 30 minutes of talk time.  Most of my calls consist of talking to Ryan, since there isn't anyone else to really talk to about the things I talk about.  Phone calls are either super short, but they have also been almost 3 hours long.  I know, I talk a lot, but thank god for having a headset or I wouldn't get anything done because being hands-free is ideal when there are other things that have to be done. 

There are 3 more weeks before school is out – 2 weeks and 2 days of actual class, and 3 days of finals.  I'm actually taking a final a week early so I don't have to be stuck at school for another week, and I won't be moving out when there are people everywhere trying to move out at the same time.  I'm living in Campus Village for my last year in school, so it will be nice to have my own place, and I'll finally have to learn how to cook so I don't starve.  I could have chosen to live in Joe West, but I already spent 1.5 years there and I wanted to get a different experience of living away from everyone. 

I'll be taking a year off after I graduate so I can work with kids, and plan ahead for graduate school/credential programs.  I have a limited number of choices of schools that offer a credential program, since the only UC school close enough that has a credential/master's program is UC Davis, and the other schools are CSUs.  The oddball school is St. Mary's College in Moraga, but I don't want to have to travel out of my way to go to school.  I also have to take lots of tests before I even apply to the program, so I'll be using the year to research my options and study for these tests. 

Anyway, until next time…   


~ by twilightmelfina on May 1, 2006.

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