My horoscope for the week

Your questing spirit continues to seek and search, and find ways to expand your view of life and everything.  On Monday the New Moon in Pisces allows you to open doors to a whole new field of discovery, or to deepen your appreciation of a subject that has been of real interest to you for some time.  Use the power of the waxing Moon over the coming two weeks to help your new studies or travels to turn into fruitful adventures.  Mercury does square Pluto on Tuesday, but there are also positive elements to the day as well.  If you should be stunned by a personal remark, or happen to let one slip, there is probably no harm done as the other more constructive aspects of the day will help to overcome any problems.  The Sun does conjunct Uranus on Wednesday and this may encourage you to take a bold step or to move out of the rut you have inhabited for some while; youi sense there is more to life and you want to experience this.  Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday and this is going to slow down plans and make it more difficult to progress.  But it also helps you to sort out what is really meaningful to you and what is not.   

I’m just hoping this will be a good week due to all these astrological signs.  There are a lot of new things I would like to try, but I have no money, so I’ll have to put off the things I would like to do until later.  I’ve been procrastinating on some schoolwork, but I’m hoping to stay on top of everything because that’s my ultimate goal for the semester.  But yeah, that’s all I have to say concerning my horoscope for this week.


~ by twilightmelfina on February 27, 2006.

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