An update…

My life has been…event-filled.  Lots of things going on…in love, life, and family.  As for love, things has been going well.  It's hard being away from Ryan so much, but once he transfers to school with me, I'll be able to see him every day.  It will be nice, since it will be the first time in 2.5 years that we'll be able to see each other for longer than a couple of hours.  Everytime I'm with Ryan, time flies by so fast, that sometimes I wonder about what we did that made the time pass by so fast.  But we do just normal things, yet time just flies when we're having fun.  =) 

As for family, things have been hectic.  My sister moved into San Francisco because of her new job (she's working at the SF Chronicle now), and she's renting out her apartment, so there's just so much hassle to get paperwork done and the rest of the crap moved out so people can move into a clean place.  I don't even know how she managed to accumulate so much crap in 4 years, but then she's a packrat…just like the rest of the family.  But yeah, the move was stressful (poor Hello was crying in the backseat during the entire drive, but it wasn't as bad as taking him to the vet; he was screaming then), and for an apartment so small, my sister and her husband/my brother-in-law sure had a lot of stuff, but then it was mostly my sister's stuff.  She STILL has crap at home, which she hasn't bothered to take with her, and she wouldn't let me have her alcohol. =(  And she borrows my car because her car isn't big enough, so I told Dan (her husband/my brother-in-law) that they should have gotten a bigger car and not some dinky Honda Civic Hybrid.  If they wanted a real hybrid, they should have gotten a Prius, and that has more packing space then a compact sedan.  But no, they wanted a cheap, reliable car, except that it stalled on a trip to San Francisco, so you can see how well they take care of their cars.  *sigh*  It's sad that Hello is so far away now, since I enjoyed taking care of him and spending the time I -should- have been with Hello with Ryan.  *gRiN* 

So, that's that…now I'm going to post my horoscope for tomorrow… 


~ by twilightmelfina on February 25, 2006.

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