Horoscope for February 16, 2006

You may be feeling a bit of strain today, as you try to figure out the best mode of operation for getting through to where you need to be.  On one hand, the happy, jovial approach is calling for you to let loose, be courageous, and strike out with conviction towards the things that mean the most to you.  On the other hand, a sense of duty and restriction may be fighting to hold you back.  Take the best of both worlds and come up with your own unique plan of attack.

All I’m doing is going home and I get a horoscope about how I should get there.  It’s just weird…I usually don’t get horoscopes about how I should do things, much less an option that I should just go with what I think is best.  This is why I wish I had my car so I don’t have to travel for 2 hours to get home.  Maybe -next- year I’ll be able to bring my car to school.  *sigh*  I can only hope for the best.  Well, I should get back to class. =)


~ by twilightmelfina on February 16, 2006.

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