Too much conflict?

Everytime I want a laptop, I realize that there are more problems,  With the way my teachers lecture (except for one), I don’t even need a laptop because I can use my palm pilot and the portable keyboard.  Maybe I’m just trying to be like everyone else when I should be just myself.  There’s just too much hassle in trying to integrate a laptop that’s not really mine into my classes.  In the end, I should just save up my own money and get a tablet PC, but I’m still debating all the possibilities.  Maybe I don’t need a laptop because the computer I already have does everything I need it to do.  A tablet PC would fit my lifestyle, but with a processor speed that is half of what I currently have, there would be a change that it could cause more problems.  In meantime, maybe I should get a wireless card for my palm pilot or just a better model.  Well, time for lunch, and I need to pack for school  I’ll write more later. 


~ by twilightmelfina on February 5, 2006.

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