My poor pet crayfish

Well, I’m back at schol, and up late again because I can’t sleep. I’m realizing all the stuff I forgot at home, but what really scared me was the 4 foot drop my crayfish went through because I left a rock too close to the edge of the cage and he climbed out. My parents freaked out when they got home because they couldn’t find him. Somehow, in the 2 hours they were gone dropping me off at school, he managed to make it to the front door. Next time when I clean his cage, I have to be more careful. I just hope he wasn’t injured or I’ll be really sad because I’ve had him since my birthday. My parents are going away for the weekend so they’re going to put the lid on the cage so he doesn’t go through another 4 foot drop again. He might be only a crayfish, but I talk to him so he doesn’t get lonely. He gets his fish food and carrot strips. For a pet I don’t handle, he makes everthing in life a lot less stressful. As long as he doesn’t have internal injuries, I’m not too worried because his tough shell will protect whatever is inside. He’ll shed the old skin and any external parts that were damaged or broken in the fall will grow back. He’s a tough guy who’s not afraid to defend his cage when we get too close. He’s not supposed to spend that much time out of the water, so I hope his gills didn’t dry out. I do everything I can to take care of because he’s my pet. =)

Anyway, when I go home, I have to find where my pink Haro pillow is because I can’t find him. I don’t remember if I took him home over winter break or if I left him at school. I think he’s at home, but he probably got moved somewhere over the break. I hope he’s at home because I don’t want to buy another one. Anyway, I’m going to try to go to sleep. Good night!


~ by twilightmelfina on January 24, 2006.

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