Horoscope for December 15, 2005

There might be some unexpected communication coming from a long lost friend or old roommate today.  You never know whom you might run into when you leave the house today, so stay alert.  An old high school teacher could be just around the next corner.  Perhaps a bizarre news story in the daily paper catches your attention, because there on the inside pages is a photo of the kid who lived next door to your childhood home.

For starters, I've gotten along with 3 out of the 6 roommates I've had while at San Jose State.  Half is supposedly pretty good, but when one accuses me of tampering with her computer when I wasn't even at SCHOOL over the weekend, you have no right to get pissed and absolutely NO PROOF that I did anything.  I had to move out because she wasn't respecting my choice to sleep with the TV OFF (who the hell sleeps with the TV on?).  And then my new roommate (after I moved out) would pollute the room with her perfume and hairspray.  I swear I passed out one in bed due to the lack of clean air in the room.

The year before that, I had fabulous roommates – fall semester I had 2 (since I was in a triple), and we got along well.  All 3 of us went through sorority recruitment, but only one of us made it into a house.  Of course, I cannot emphasize how easy it is to get into a sorority your freshman year at SJSU if you did really well in high school.  They moved out after the semester, and the spring semester I had a new roommate who was a gymnast.  She was cool, and even though she was a smaller person than me, I still fit into her clothes.  Don't ask me how that happened. 

As for meeting past teachers, I don't visit my high school anymore because there's no parking and the bell schedule messed up everything and with all the new buildings, I don't know where my teachers are located anymore.  And I DOUBT I will find pictures of my old neighbors; it's been over 9 years since I moved from Moraga to Alamo, and in these past 9 years, all my neighbors have moved at least once.  The house next to me (to my left, when you look at my house from the street), has gone through at least 3 families.  There's just something about that house that keeps people from staying there for a really long time. 

The chance of ever knowing anyone mentioned in the paper is highly unlikely, anyway, unless it's someone from high school who graduated with honors from college or went into the military or is on an honor of some sort at their school. 

I'm done with finals tomorrow morning, so I'll be heading home sometime around lunch.  Then it's a trip to Toyota dealership for an oil change and to the mall for some Christmas shopping. 

Friday, I'll pick up my paycheck and drop by the mall again (if necessary) and then surprise my sister at work since it's her birthday. 


~ by twilightmelfina on December 14, 2005.

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