Horoscope for December 8, 2005

Modern technology could pave the way for you to greatly increase your income, possibly through new skills acquired, or through investments.  This is likely to be a  very positive development, setting the stage for future financial success.  Some unusual and interesting dreams could come your way, bringing unexpected revelations about yourself and your past – and possibly about your future.  Write your dreams down!  They could hold important messages for you from your Higher Self.

I don't know how accurate this horoscope is (like they're accurate anyway), but I'm planning to save up a lot of money this holiday break to get myself a laptop/tablet PC (I'm still debating).  It will definitely help me next semester to have something I can carry with me all the time so I don't have think about why my notes are so unorganized and why one page can have 3 different days worth of lectures notes and things like that.  And with the educational/fun-based programs I can use on a laptop/tablet PC, I can get a lot more done in class and out of class.  Not to mention, I'll finally be able to study in bed (although it's not recommended) or in a more comfortable position (like with a nice office chair).  All my classes next semester are lectures, so I can type all my notes and maybe even purchase all my books as PDF files so I can read/highlight them on my future laptop/tablet PC.  I look forward to all the possibilities. 

I'm hope to really organize my life and take initiatve in my education and what I want to do with my life.  I don't have a resolution for next year yet, and I don't even remember what my resolution for this year was.  I wish I could write my dreams down, but I often keep sleeping so my dream can continue, but by the time I wake up, I've forgotten most of it and I can't write it down after that. 

Well, today is the last day of classes and next week is finals.  Bleh.  So far, I know I have 2 finals – in math and psychology.  In English, we just have a regular quiz based on the last two books we read; in CHAD, we just turn in our final reflection and the take-home quiz we got today; in Modern, I don't know yet. 

My professor wasn't here for a week so I don't know if she has anything planned for us.  I hope not.  It's just that although I've only skipped two classes this semester, we lost a few classes due to choreography showings.  In the past 2 weeks or so, I've skipped one class, had a choreography showing (I fell asleep during it because I was so tired), and had 2 classes with a substitute.  That's 3 classes that my professor has been unable to teach.  The first time I skipped class was to watch Naruto (when my BOT was STILL ONLINE), but the second time, I didn't feel like going, but I was told we didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  I've been to all the required performances except one because it was my cousin's wedding that weekend and they didn't have a Thursday night performance. 

I'll be working this weekend, so anyone who is local, they can come visit me in the afternoon Friday through Sunday at Black Diamond Games in Walnut Creek.  Then it's yummy dinner at Olive Garden on Sunday to celebrate Ryan's dad's birthday.  I miss eating at that place, but it's too expensive just to go there for no reason at all. 

HERE'S THE LINK: http://www.blackdiamondgames.com


Until next time…


~ by twilightmelfina on December 7, 2005.

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