Thanksgiving Weekend

I guess I should write about my Thanksgiving weekend, as uneventful as it was, since it went by so fast. =(

For starts, I got to leave school early – my teachers cancelled class on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, giving me lots of time to do nothing except be a bum around the house. I finally got to learn how to do transactions at my new work, Black Diamond Games in Walnut Creek, so I guess that’s something considered eventful.

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day/Turkey Day)
I didn’t realize that my family was having Thanksgiving LUNCH until this morning. My mom never cooks in a frenzy until we’re eating REALLY soon. A few relatives came over for lunch, plus my great uncle – he and his wife are the reason we ate early because we didn’t want them driving home so late and in the dark. Good was good, except that our attemtp to make mashed potatoes from my sister’s hella old box of potato flakes was below stellar. I guess I could say it turned out okay, but it was a lot better after adding the black pepper (well, for myself). My cousin FINALLY remembered to bring my Harry Potter books back, but it was his girlfriend who reminded him. Remind me not to let people borrow my stuff if it’s going to take this long to get it back. (I don’t even remember when I let him borrow them in the first place). After lunch, I stuck around doing nothing, then decided to head out to my boyfriend Ryan’s place to celebrate Thanksgiving with him. I ate whateve was at hi house, although his family didn’t invite anyone over. His sister’s dog was all over me and in my face. How lovely. =)

I woke up to rain. I love the smell of rain – well, sometimes. Today was officially my first day of work. Did I do anything special? NOPE! I didn’t run any transactions and spent the entire time counting for inventory. Exciting, isn’t it? NOT! But at least I’m getting paid for counting stuff. =) Since it was raining, people didn’t start stopping by until the rain stopped and the sun came out. It’s the first major rain of the season, although it didn’t last that long. The first major shopping day of the holiday season an the store is mostly quiet because people head out to the malls and the major retail stores to buy things that they know will disappear if they don’t get one right then and there. Here, at BDG (Black Diamond Games), stuff stays around, and the owner/my boss can always special order stuff if he doesn’t have it in the store. I didn’t stay the entire day because he didn’t want to pay me overtime my first day. Oh well. And I forgot to mention what I got to count today, on my first day: paint and Reaper miniatures. That was probably 20 something pages of items.

Spent the day with Ryan until he had to go to work. So, instead of going home and being a bum, I went to my work to do MORE counting. But this time, I actually got to run some transactions since Gary (the owner of the store/my boss) was busy explaining stuff to people. It’s always nice to know that I can fill in for him during the those kind of times when he can’t talk and run transactions at the same time. I’m a little slow at it, but it takes practice to get good at doing things. I stayed until closing, and finished counting card sleeves, which are a pain in the ass because there are TWO different kinds of card sleeves – small sleeves for Yu-Gi-Oh cards (the Japanese made these cards smaller than any other card game I’ve known), and large sleeves, which are for all other card games. It’s so stupid because some of them aren’t labeled and I don’t know if they’re small sleeves or large sleeves. Not to mention counting paintbrushes is a pain too because people NEVER put them back in the right area, which means my counts are probably all wrong because half the brushes all look the same! I didn’t finish the 6 pages of card related items since the store was closing, so I’m wondering if Gary finished them for me, OR he will probably leave them for me to finish them when I return on the following Saturday. *gRiN* How fun. What was left were card tins (which no one ever buys), and binder sheets for displaying trading cards. I have like, over 100 of those damn sheets, and I know I have to count the box in the display case. At least I’m counting all the little/detailed things first. Counting board games can’t be that bad because the boxes are so big. I guess Gary wanted to get the little things out of the way and leave the bigger things for later because it’s easier to count them.

I slept in REAL late, but then I woke up with a pounding headache. That reminds me, I shouldn’t do that because it does that and the headache stays around all day. I did some shopping at Old Navy since they were having a fabulous sale, but my mom wouldn’t buy me more than 2 thngs, which totally sucks. I found this long-sleeve shirt I really liked, and I would have gotten one of each color that looks good on me (they were only $10 EACH) if my mom would let me. So, now I’m back at school doing more homework that I didn’t do over the break. I have a very bad case of procastination. So, there’s my weekend – where I got absolutely NOTHING done.

Until next time…


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