Ideal laptop?

I just realized that I never listed the price to my future laptop…stupid me for staying up late and not thinking straight…

The model is a Gateway M280; it’s base price is $1299.00, which isn’t bad for what it normally comes with.  With my new additions (which aren’t that much), the total comes out $1397.99, and that’s including the shipping of $39.99.

In comparison to the other companies that have Tablet PCs, I just want to say that you get hella ripped off for almost what my future laptop has.  I’m thinking in a practical way to improve my life and my education, and instead of having a gigantic desktop that takes up way too much space, I’ll have a Tablet PC that goes everywhere I go. 

For starters, the other companies that make Tablet PCs are Fujitsu, HP/Compaq, and IBM.  Apple and Sony don’t have one yet, but I know they’ll make one eventually – watch them.  They’ll catch up with the industry. 

IBM’s models are ridiculously expensive.  Base price models are $1699, and that’s even more than the base price of the nicer Tablet PCs by Gateway, which is, by the way $1599.  Sure, the inside specs may be better, but it worth another $300 when I can get the same thing for that much less?  But the one thing I do like about IBMs is that they are incredibly reliable and they don’t break, even if you drop them.  I remember the first computer my dad bought – it was an IBM, after my Apple IIC was given to my cousins.  IBM has made a lot of progess in the last 20 years, and I would definitely pay extra money for one, even though I mentioned that they are ridiculously expensive.  I know I’ve said both positive and negative things about IBMs (the only bad thing is that they’re expensive), but it would be my second choice to Gateway. 

HP/Compaq has two models – one with a keyboard and one without a keyboard.  Seriously, I could not live with a laptop that did not have a keyboard; you buy it separately and hopefully it all works out in the end.  They look nice, but there’s nothing really special about these models except that they’re also expensive.  And is it really considered a PC when it has no keyboard?  All you have is a Tablet you write on…I do type sometimes and would like to have a keyboard readily available instead of having to attach it. 

No one I know has a Fujitsu laptop.  They’re cute and small, and more expensive than IBMs.  Base price ranges around the $2000 mark, for all the same internal parts.  The only thing that compares with a Fujitsu laptop is a Sony laptop, based on size.  However, they look too fragile, and I have a tendency to drop things or have them bang into things.  I’m not accident-prone, but things do get dropped!

Anyway, those were my opinions about each of the other companies that make Tablet PCs.  There are others, but I’m not familiar with them, so I’m not going to waste my time on them.  I’ve settled on the Gateway model because it has the largest screen resolution (14″), so my eyes won’t cramp trying to read everything on the screen.  If I can save up even more money, I’ll upgrade the processor speed and hard drive space.  This is for education, not for hard-core gaming…that’s my desktop that’s going to my boyfriend after I get this laptop.  Of course, I have to transfer all my files over to the laptop, which will be so much fun! 


~ by twilightmelfina on October 11, 2005.

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