Horoscope for September 15, 2005

Love and romance is coming your way, but it is important to be practical with how you treat it.  Don’t take your relationships for granted.  Realize that love doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is perfect and fairy tale like.  Structure and discipline is often required in order to maintain a healthy partnership.  You should be able to incorporate these elements well, so make the most of this energy. 

I couldn’t agree more…I’ve taken advantage of my relationships, and all had negative outcomes.  How can I emphasize this more?  Treat your significant other like you would want to be treated – with respect, kindness, and many other positive qualities.  Nothing is perfect because couples are meant to fight and argue; if humans didn’t fight and argue, the world would be too peaceful and there would be no need for the military or destructive weapons.  If you think your relationship is like a fairy tale, snap out of it.  By this age, you should know the difference between fantasy and reality; if not, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the majority of your life.  GET OUT AND WAKE UP!!!  No relationshinp is going to have a Disney-type ending.  That stuff is just garbage.  Believe me – I’m taking a class on children’s literature and we had this fabulous lecture about fairy tales and how they may have affected us during our childhood.  I wasn’t badly affected, but some people are varying opinions, including ones that said that they wouldn’t expose their children to this kind of garbage.  So, think about it, and maybe you’ll realize what your brain was rotting on when you were just a kid. 


~ by twilightmelfina on September 15, 2005.

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