My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m officially 23 years old. Ryan and I were planning to go to TGIFridays, but the restaurant was closed, like a year ago and I never knew about it. So, we went to Stoneridge Mall instead and ate at a New Orleans style restaurant. Ryan enjoyed the mall a lot because it had Lego and Apple store. Even at age 24, he’s still a child at heart. The thing is, I wasn’t expecting much for my birthday, so I didn’t get much, and that’s okay. I’m 23 – I should just do what makes me happy and not worry about anything else. But I had a lot of fun with Ryan, and even though it’s a long drive to Stoneridge, he’s willing to make that drive. His eyes lit up when I pulled him into the Lego store and that made me really happy.

As for the daycare center, someone of the kids are so difficult to control. It’s like their family has no sense of discipline. But I’m learning names and responsibilities; however, I’m wondering if they remember my name yet. They’ll learn over time. Well, it’s another day at work, so I’ll write during lunch.


~ by twilightmelfina on July 15, 2005.

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