Remind me to never stay up this late again…

I never want to stay up until 4 in the morning playing Pokémon Emerald. Time flies when you’re having fun or doing nothing at all. I guess I was too caught up in the game to realize how tired I was. I also realized that my starting Pokémon is very weak; I mean, even my Minun is at level 40. *sigh* I knew I should have started with Torchic instead of Treeko, but I wanted the challenge. It’s not a challenge anymore because I have other Pokémon to make up for its weaknesses. There was some great battle animation between Groudon and Kyogre, since the animation has improved so much when the original red and blue came out in high school. As for Ryan, I’m lucky he called me or I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed. I’m functioning on about 4 hours of sleep, all because I had to know what happened next in Pokémon. And I had to watch Chobits – I have to 2 more episodes to watch before I have to get the next volume. *sigh* I wish I could draw like CLAMP, but that’s just wishful thinking. Thankfully, I managed to make transparencies for my math project that was due last week and it finally all goes together and makes sense. I hope I got everything I needed to do. That reminds me, I’m going to check them now in the middle of my music class. *gRiN*

Well, the transparencies turned out fine (thanks Kevin, Print Shop), so it should look really nice on the overhead in class. I’m also really hungry because I left my room so late and I got up late. I am so lucky that Ryan called me to look up a song or I wouldn’t have gotten up at all. THe next two days, I get to sleep in, but I’ll be doing a lot of work as well. Here is the list of things I”ll be doing this week:

-Music lesson plan, due Friday, May 20
-CHAD 162 presentation, research paper due Monday, may 23, presentation due Tuesday, May 17, work on final study guide
-LLD 100W – final exam essay due Monday, May 23 with research paper
-Math – study for final, Friday, May 20
So much stuff to do and so little time. I can’t procrastinate anymore; Ryan is my motivation and I can’t let him down.

Scratch that – my CHAD paper was actually due today, but I was lucky enough to turn it in later. *sigh* What a lifesaver. I don’t think I did as well as I wanted to, but all the sources I wanted to use didn’t have a full text version, so that leaves me unable to use their information and then I have to do another search to make up for what I couldn’t find before. *sigh*

There is just so much trouble for the simplest things. At least I don’t have school tomorrow and Thursday – I can sleep in and do all my projects without any interruptions. But I still have to study – I can’t neglect that. I’m lucky I only have 2 tests to study for – math and child development. The rest were take home exams/projects. I’m also going to start packing on the weekend and vacuuming so I don’t have to wait for a vacuum at the last minute. That means I really have to avoid making a mess because I don’t want to have to vacuum again. I didn’t realize that I shed that much, but there is so much hair under my desk. It’s gross. I’m only able to sell my music book back because the math book is being used again next semester, and I need my APA manual for my papers, not to mention I’ve had that damn book since my freshman year. *sigh*


~ by twilightmelfina on May 17, 2005.

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