US release of Sony’s PSP

Today is the day of the North American release of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP). Ryan was called out to the Metreon for the midmight release, so he didn’t get much sleep – again. But he never listens to me when I tell him to get some sleep. *sigh* Oh well. It’s his fault that he’s been playing dot Crack (dot Hack) for three days straight. He doesn’t go to sleep after we get off the phone and plays the game all night long. But he said the game is addictive, and he can’t wait until a real version is produced. If a real version is made, I don’t know how often I’ll be seeing him, if I’ll be seeing him at all. I’m going to miss him during spring break, but I’m always going to think about him. He is truly the love of my life, and nothing will ever change that. It’s hard to believe that I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for China, but I know that spring break is going to come and go real fast, and it will be over before I know it. Next year, I’m going to miss having a city view from my room, but I’m starting to doubt that I should have kept the same room because the layout won’t change and I’ll be able to put everything where it was before. Oh well. I’ll just have to work with the change.


~ by twilightmelfina on March 14, 2005.

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