Travel issues…

Okay, so public transportation isn’t the greatest in Santa Clara County. But at least it’s free for me because of tuition. I wish they could have buses running more often like they do in San Francisco so people can get to places faster. Buses coming every 30 minutes is making people wait too long. And the bus that takes me to the Bart station takes WAY too long. I missed my original bus because of road construction, but I also left my building late. You don’t do construction in the middle of the day because it causes problems! Of course, the construction outside my building isn’t make life any better. It’s so noisy during the day that I can’t get anything done. And why the hell do they start so early in the morning? People are trying to sleep or study, if that means anything to the construction people. Apparently, it doesn’t. All the work they didn’t do during the summer they’re doing it now and it’s annoying as all hell. The double-paned glass isn’t keeping out the noise, and I don’t think complaining will make anything better. *sigh* The semester is coming to an end, and the teachers are piling on the projects. My hardest class is psychology, and even though I know the stuff, my mind blanks out during test. There goes my psychology minor. I enjoy school, but I can’t continue to fall behind. I have to stay on top of school so I can enjoy other things, like talking to my boyfriend Ryan. I couldn’t an advising appointment until December, but I’m going to register for classes anyway and then my adviser can figure out what to do from there. I only have 15 minutes, so I need to have everything ready. I wish they would give us more time, but with the amount of students in the department, they have to manage their time efficiently. Well, at least I know what’s going on with my body now. My stomach isn’t agreeing with the school food, but I’m fine when I eat at home. However, this has been recent, only since Wednesday. I think it may have been the burger from lunch that day; I’m glad I didn’t finish it. And when I went to dinner that night (with real food), my stomach disagreed again. So, I know it’s not me, which means it must be the food. Damn food poisoning – or it could be E. coli from the uncooked meat. I am thankful for a solid, yet sensitive stomach. It looks like I’ll be eating the student union more often now.  Subway here I come!


~ by twilightmelfina on November 18, 2004.

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